The Iniquity Chronicles

The story so far

Armitage, Bruce,  Jean-Claude, Kay & Reign were each met and persuaded to meet at the Linda Hall Library in Kansas City, their assistance needed to stop a powerful force encroaching upon to world. Each for reasons of their own, they attended the meeting and were asked to locate an artifact capable of locating sources of the eldritch power that has begun seeping through cracks in reality.


The artifact was being held in Subtropolis, a massive privately owned underground storage facility. Through luck and guile, the party was able to acquire the artifact, a lens that could be attuned to otherworldly energies and used in conjunction with a map to find sources of the energies the lens is attuned to.


The party was able to find a place they could take the lens and attune it with the assistance of a man named Raymus. The location was in an ancient Native American site. The act of attuning the lens triggered a water trap, causing everyone to flee up and out of the small temple.


In the confusion at the exit, Raymus took the lens from the party and mumbled a quick incantation over it. A strong deep-violet light enveloped the man and began to emanate from his eyes. A long battle ensued but the heroes were able to defeat Raymus. Upon his death, Raymus’ body immediately and completely decomposed in a matter of seconds, the only things to survive the lens and a note indicating that Raymus was acting on orders and that whomever sent him was located somewhere in Missouri and that he was to use the lens after it was found and attuned to join his master.


Before the heroes could act upon the note they were drawn to a news article of some kind of natural disaster occurring on the northern Nebraska boarder. Using the lens indicated that what was happening was tied to the power they had been dubbed to fight and the timing seeming too coincidental, the heroes decided to investigate.


It was discovered that the use of the temple awakened an ancient and powerful alien that had been entombed hundreds of years ago by the native peoples. The alien had taken on the guise of a god and had forced the peoples of Central and North America to worship him for centuries. The alien, known as Ku Tu, was furious for having been imprisoned for so long had begun systematically destroying the towns and villages of the local native peoples.


The heroes easily located and confronted the 120 foot tall terror and handily defeated the beast and sealed him away again, back in the tomb.


Armitage confiscated the huge, ornate gold jewelry that Ku Tu had been adorned with. Deciding to quickly fence the pieces to a couple of museums and private collectors to purchase common transportation for the group and acquiring an old home in Kansas City to use as a base of operations.


Little did he or the others know that the house has a dark, bloody history that would ensnare them… What will they do? Will they be able to solve the mystery of the house and be able to continue their journey?


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