A duplicitious psychic


Name: Armitage II, Malcom
Profession: Licensed Psychiatric
Education: Master’s degrees in Psychology & Health Science, University of California, Los Angeles
Date of Birth: July 21st, 1964
Place of Birth: Hastings, Sussex, England
Residence: Kansas City, KS (1995-Current)
Former: Los Angeles, CA (1985-1995); Chicago, IL (1976-1985); Hastings (1964-1976)

Abilities: Psychokenisis, Telepathy

Armitage, Malcolm – Father (1939-1982, Deceased)
Armitage-O’Brien, Collette (1944-1982, Deceased)
Armitage, Cassidy – Sister (1974-?, Unknown)

Dr Armitage, or simply Armitage speaks with a slight English accent – he is of average height and build (5’ 8” 150 lbs, respectively) with brown hair and a 2-3 day shadow. He dresses professional, but casual – a non-descript , yet casual dark suit, and ever present trench coat. He smokes often, and is seldom seen without his Ray-Bans and Discman – both used to keep his abilities under control. His previous success in his business had purchased him his pride and joy Porsche Carrera, in which he keeps his Beretta 92 – just in case one of Ivan’s collectors shows up again. He is smart, manipulative and cunning and uses that to his advantage whenever possible. He has become comfortable in his use of his abilities, but tries not to rely on them. He does not know where they came from, but is not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. He does not desire the limelight or attention for his actions, and prefers to work subtlety. His research into his own abilities has led him to the conclusion that he is almost certainly not unique in having unexplained gifts. While most cases of unexplained phenomenons are truly hoaxes – one cannot deny that some of them must be certainly be factual, yet still, highly unlikely.

He does not see himself as a hero – he’d probably laugh at you if you called him one, but he is more noble than he thinks. He has helped people, but largely if it has not put him at risk. Nothing world changing, in that regard, however. Knowing what people really think has made him quite misanthropic. He is a hedonist and casually indulges in the exotic pleasures and memorable experiences – be it a good drink or a beautiful woman. He is cynical, an atheist, and highly skeptical of the supernatural – even though he knows it exist to a limited extent, believing most cases to be hoaxes or irrational conclusions to otherwise explainable events. Odds are most people will find his sardonic attitude offensive or disrespectful, something he care little about.

Recent supernatural events have caused him to question his understanding of the world around him. While still a skeptic, he feels he must at least acknowledge the world is much different that he had believed. That is not something he is comfortable with. At least the gin and self-medication helps. Any extended or intense use of his abilities often causes him migraine-like headaches or other similar side-effects, often lasting for several days after any over significant use.


Dr. Malcolm Armitage Jr. was born in Hastings, Sussex in 1964, and lived a pretty typical childhood for his first decade. All that changed in 1976, when his unusual powers started manifesting. His inability to control (or even understand) it was incorrectly perceived as some form of mental health instability and it was decided that he needed more advanced medical attention than he was able to get in England. His family relocated to Chicago and sought help at clinics and hospitals all over the United States. For a time in his adolescence, he was getting treatment at a place he remembers being called the Sterling Institute. During that time, he learned to control his powers. However, any and all attempts he has since made to discover anything about this supposed institute has been unsuccessful. While he has fragmented memories of events there, this institute has never existed on record. In 1982, his parents both died in a vehicle accident, leaving his younger sister, Cassie, to become a ward of the state. Since then, he has repeatedly tried to locate his sister, with no success.

As he grew older, he researched as much as he could about the brain in hopes to understand and master his abilities, starting a successful, if not completely honest pursuit into psychology. His natural intelligence and charisma helped him disguise his abilities and he quickly used them to his advantage, earning PHDs in Psychology & Health Science from UCLA and opening up a small, yet pricey psychiatric clinic in Los Angeles, where he used his abilities to extend his patient’s expensive treatments rather than treat them as well as satiate his own hedonistic interests. He developed a vice in gambling and, again used his abilities to aid in his success – eventually earning the ire of Ivan Stanislov, a influential Russian mobster who legitimately suspected Armitage of cheating. While never directly caught, he has been summarily banned from Stanislov’s establishments until a sizable sum of money is paid back – much more than Armitage could afford. Until that, he is a marked man. As a result, he had to close up his clinic and lie low.


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