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Kay does not know when or where she was born – her earliest memories are that of a shoddy orphanage in Denver, Colorado in the early 20s. Lost in the shuffle among the thousands of other orphaned children as a result of WWI. With any of her records misplaced, her identity was a complete mystery to her. With an inability to remain stationary for any amount of time, Kay frequently ran away over the much of her childhood, sometime being picked up and deposited into another faceless orphanage. After a while, she drifted to Hollywood where the beautiful starlets and bombshells plastered the billboards – setting in her mind the idealistic life she did not have.

Even the glamour of Hollywood could not keep her still and soon she had moved on – hitchhiking across the country. It was then when she realized that she did not seem to age as quickly as others did – her youthful appearance did not suffer the ravages of time that even Hollywood’s finest inevitably succumbed to. Thankfully, that went unnoticed, as she did not stay anywhere long enough for anyone to notice.

One fateful night, in the mid 60s, while hitchhiking outside of Chicago, a driver did not see her and would have hit her had something strange and wholly unexpected happened. The inebriated man behind the wheel, stated to the police that he was sure he saw a young woman unavoidably in between his headlights, when all of a sudden the whole car drove into nothingness for a only a second or so, and he was suddenly 16 miles from where he was only a moment ago. While most dismissed the story as folly, calling into question the man’s state of mind, no one could explain the crater on the highway were he claimed he was at when the incident occurred. The only evidence at the scene on the highway to indicate someone else was there was a grubby backpack with various odds and ends.

Kay woke to a pounding headache and vague memories of a car bearing down at her. Anything after that was an incoherent blur. She did not recognize this place she was at, a hotel room in the middle of the afternoon. Nor did she recognize the pleasant man who entered the room moments later. Phillipe Lestrad quickly became a good friend, loyal confidant and father figure to her. He told her that she possessed great and dangerous abilities, and she needed to learn to control them, lest the get her caught or killed. It was quickly evident that Phillipe knew a great deal about her abilities, and worked with her to control them. While he was always evasive about why he knew what he did, or why he always insisted they keep moving and never go back to the same place, he helped her hone her abilities – teaching her the art of Phasing – jumping from one place to another almost instantaneously, or an ability he simply called the Fury – an explosive blast of energy that she learned to direct as a powerful attack. Phillipe, a grifter by trade, also taught her other skills in order to survive – such as how to remain anonymous in the world – invisible and in the background.

For several years they traveled together, seeming to stay one step ahead of trouble. Sometimes they went their own path, even for years at a time, but Phillipe always seemed to show back up, regardless of where she was. When they worked together, trouble generally followed, as Kay was drug into another of a seemingly endless scam devised by Phillipe. They arrived in Oklahoma City in April of 1995, where Phillipe had set up some ploy to dupe Social Security at their Administration office. Over the next few days, Phillipe seemed off – his usual nack for observation was replaced with obliviousness or seeming preoccupation – nothing of which seemed to deter him from his agenda. Early Wednesday morning, the day the job was supposed to be pulled off, Phillip was back to prime form and everything seemed back to normal. All of a sudden, he insisted that Kay leave the building and abandon their scheme. As he rushed her out and she paused, not wanting to leave without explanation, he told her to return to their hotel, and everything would be explained. With that he pushed her out of a one-way exit door, shutting it firmly behind her.

Confused, Kay returned to their hotel, where nothing seemed amiss since she was last there this morning. Eventually frustration won her over and she stormed out of the motel, intent on returning to the administration building and dragging Phillipe out when a sudden explosion rocked the neighborhood. Getting up, Kay stood stunned as she looked at the building she last saw Phillipe in. The front of the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building was a smoldering wreck. Frantically, she rushed to the scene and stood unable to help with thousands as rescue services worked ceaselessly to save lives and minimize the damage. In the end 168 people died from the largest terrorist attack on US soil, but none of them were Phillipe, he was nowhere to be found. Kay waited for him as days passed into weeks and there was nothing from her partner in crime. Eventually, she gave up and moved on, hoping that he’ll pop up again some day.

Kay is an attractive woman who appears in her early 30s. Her most identifiable feature is her eyes – which are strikingly pale.

She has an unusual habit of using archaic and dated colloquialisms and phrases – generally from the 20s and 30s. She is nomadic and loner – being unable to stay in one place for too long and moving no instead of building lasting relationships. She is generally carefree, altruistic – never too concerned with petty details She has a good grasp of modern history, and may offer unusual insight to events she has lived through.

Her only friend was Phillipe, but he was an enigma, even to her. His disappearance and possible death concerns her greatly, and she would like to uncover the true fate of her friend.


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